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About Drawdown Georgia

Drawdown Georgia takes its inspiration from Project Drawdown®, the world’s leading resource for taking action on climate change. Researchers from across our state came together to localize that work, highlighting climate solutions that make the most sense for Georgia: those with a strong track record that are cost-competitive and market-ready. It has grown into a “leader-full” movement, including many partners and funders working to advance climate solutions in Georgia.

An Initiative Grounded in Research

Drawdown Georgia is a research-based initiative launched in 2020 that was born from a multi-university collaboration, funded by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. The research was led by Georgia Tech, with partners from Emory University, Georgia State University, and the University of Georgia. The research team released its initial findings in October 2020. That work identified the 20 high-impact climate solutions that put Georgia on a path to advance drawdown–that point in the future when levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline.

With these 20 climate solutions as a roadmap, Drawdown Georgia is bringing together businesses, universities, NGOs, policymakers, and others to join the movement to take us further, faster.

Drawdown Georgia Leadership and Partner Initiatives

Leadership at Drawdown Georgia comes from every part of the state and includes many partners–as well as a growing list of funders–that are all working to advance climate solutions in Georgia. Strategic guidance comes from our Drawdown Georgia Leadership Council.