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Carbon Reduction Visualizer

The Carbon Reduction Visualizer is an interactive wedge graph based on our Research Team’s latest data. With it, you can build projections of how emissions fall based on how quickly we scale the 20 Drawdown Georgia solutions.

How to Use the Carbon Reduction Visualizer (CRV)

1. Scroll through the list of 20 Solutions in the Solutions panel to the right of the CRV graph

2. Toggle each Solution to ‘Achievable’ to populate a color-coded wedge representing how emissions could fall when we accelerate that Solution by 2030*

3. Toggle each Solution to ‘Baseline’ to remove the colored wedge. Emissions from that solution are now reflected in the gray ‘Baseline’ wedge

How to Build Your Plan

1. Select your Solutions mix to populate graph with wedges

2. Hover over a wedge to see a short Solution description and emissions data

3. Experiment with different combinations of Solutions to create a customized projection

4. Download an image or CSV of your customized emissions projection

5. Share link on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

6. Come back frequently for updated data

How to Read the Chart

Baseline – This scenario is represented by the gray wedge. It projects state-level greenhouse gas emissions out to 2030 assuming the status quo continues and solutions don’t scale. The top line represents total emissions. The bottom of the gray wedge show net emissions, which subtract out carbon sequestered in the state’s natural carbon sinks, like forests.

Achievable – This scenario projects how emissions fall when solutions are scaled to ambitious, but achievable, levels.