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Climate Solutions That Go Beyond Carbon: Reducing Food Waste

Food waste is on the minds of people and organizations all over Georgia, from one of the busiest airports in the world to local governments, leading universities, and innovative businesses. Catch up on the conversation around this climate and social justice issue in this video.

Moderated by Ciannat Howett, director of sustainability initiatives at Emory University, our expert panel for this event includes: Jasmine Crowe, founder & CEO of Goodr; Natasha Dyer, community programs manager for the City of Atlanta; Suki Janssen, solid waste department director for Athens-Clarke County and Polly Sattler, senior sustainability & resilience planner at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Drawdown Georgia Kickoff: Climate Action and Business Leadership in Georgia

The official kickoff of the Drawdown Georgia Business Compact, hosted by the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business at Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business. Maryam Alavi, Dean, Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business. Panelists: Jasmine Crowe Founder and CEO, Goodr, Savannah Seydel Vice President of Sustainability, Better Earth, Nick Pearson Global Head of Energy Policy, Google, Josh Raglin Chief Sustainability Officer, Norfolk Southern.

Drawdown Georgia Business Compact

We've launched the Drawdown Georgia Business Compact with the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business at the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business.

The Compact launched with 16 inaugural members during an online panel presentation entitled, "Climate Action and Business Leadership in Georgia," hosted by Dean Maryam Alavi of the Scheller College.

Mother Nature is my Business Partner: A Climate Conversation with Farmer Casey Cox

Agriculture is the number one industry in Georgia, contributing about $76 billion each year to the state's economy. It's critical to our state as a whole, but especially to Georgia’s rural communities. When it comes to scaling the solutions to climate change, it’s the people on the ground -- those who are running their own farm operations and related businesses -- that understand the stakes and the opportunities better than anyone.

A Conversation with Doug Hooker of the Atlanta Regional Commission

What does the Atlanta Regional Commission do, and how is this organization helping to advance climate solutions in the Atlanta area? In this conversation between Doug Hooker, executive director of the ARC, and Blair Beasley of Drawdown Georgia, you'll learn all about the climate initiatives supported by the Commission, from Climate Conscious Communities to energy efficiency to green transportation alternatives.

Climate Solutions That Go Beyond Carbon: Scalable Solar

Our state is at the precipice of unlocking solar as a major climate solution. In this webinar, you'll hear from the changemakers who are holding the keys, helping us accelerate our best ideas to solve for climate change. How can we ensure that solar projects promote equity and climate justice? How do we protect fragile ecosystems and support biodiversity as we continue to build new large-scale solar installations? What role can Georgia-grown highway solar projects play in scaling these solutions across the country?

Environmental Justice and the Soul of America: An interview with the Reverend Dr. Gerald Durley

The Reverend Dr. Gerald Durley is a member of the Drawdown Georgia Leadership Council, and it was an honor to interview him recently about his beliefs and experiences. Don’t miss this intimate video interview with Reverend Durley about his life’s work and perspectives on winning hearts and minds in the ongoing effort to solve for climate change.

Georgians on Climate, COVID, and Equity - Highlights

What do our friends and neighbors in Georgia believe about climate change? Are they interested in green energy sources like community solar installations? Do they value our coastal wetlands and our forests, and do they know these natural environments provide climate solutions when it comes to addressing global warming? Do people in Georgia recognize the intersection between climate change and social inequities? Their answers to these questions just might surprise you.

The Science Behind Drawdown Georgia - Highlights

The goal of Drawdown Georgia is to reduce carbon emissions in the state by over a third by the year 2030. Drawdown Georgia is the first significant attempt to try to translate the 100 climate solutions of Project Drawdown into a state-level action plan - why that framework, and how can we accomplish it? And where do we begin to take action on climate? Hear the answers to these questions and more from core members of the Drawdown Georgia research team.

Highlights from the Drawdown Georgia Launch Night

In October 2020, we celebrated the launch of Drawdown Georgia: a long-term, multi-stakeholder climate initiative in Georgia designed to bring business and industry, municipal leadership, NGOs, and others together to accelerate climate solutions in Georgia. The virtual kick-off celebration included an introduction by John Lanier of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, a variety of entertainment, and a keynote address from Nathaniel Smith, founder and chief equity officer at the Partnership for Southern Equity. Please enjoy these highlights from this very special event!

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